So, McDonald’s Might Be Reopening A Little Sooner Than We Think

The excitement is almost too much!

Along with many other fast-food chains, the highly popular McDonald’s was forced to close its doors 6 weeks ago when the government issued healthcare guidelines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, many weeks down the line, talk of a possible easing of restrictions has begun to circulate, and aside from school resuming and retail shops reopening,  everyone’s wondering if their fave fast-food chain McDonald’s will be opening up their doors anytime soon.

With speculation as to when Maccy D’s will serving us some deliciousness again spreading on Twitter, the restaurant has released a statement, giving us some hope that we won’t be waiting too long for some nuts. Those sweet, sweet nugs.


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The chain says it’s currently carrying out operational tests this week to see what reopening it’s stores in the UK and Ireland would involve.

“These tests will include exploring social distancing measures for our crew, PPE options and opening in a limited capacity,” Paul Pomroy CEO of McDonald’s Ireland and the UK said.

“For now we remain closed, and will only reopen when we are absolutely confident we can have the right measures in place to ensure everyone’s wellbeing.” he continued.

Understandably reopening is not an easy process, and thankfully ensuring the safety of both staff and customers remains the companies main concern.

However, when it does open it’s doors again in the future it’s likely that things won’t be entirely normal, with be available on a limited basis, meaning drive-throughs and take-aways may be the way to go for some time.

But hey, we can look forward to enjoying a large McChicken Sandwich meal, a side of nuggets and a curry dip, with a McFlurry thrown in for good measure, someday soon, but for now, we’ll do our bit and stay inside to ensure things do get back on track again.