So, Um, Kendall And Gigi Have No Knees In This Magazine’s New Cover Shoot

Fans spotted a very obvious editing error in their new cover for W Magazine.

Kendall Gigi

You just have to look at their street style snaps to know that Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are pretty much images of perfection, and even when they’re totally #NoFilter and make-up free they still manage to look completely flawless.

Despite the gals being bonafide goddesses though, it seems that photo editors at W Magazine decided they needed more than a little bit of touching up when it came to putting their photoshoot pics on the cover.

The mag celebrated its 10th Anniversary art issue with a Placebo Pets-themed cover that shows Kendall cuddling a puppy, and Gigi offering her a drink, while a chicken peeks out of a tent in the background and an abandoned drone lies on the ground.

While that might seem like a bizarre setup, it was the cover’s super obvious editing error that really got fans talking on Twitter.

In fact, you don’t have to look too closely to spot it. Um, where the hell are Kendall and Gigi’s knees? Like, are they supposed to look all bendy and rubber-like, or did someone mess up on Photoshop?

While lots of fans just thought the error was funny others were p*ssed at W Magazine for creating “unrealistic body expectations.” Most people though just had a whole lot of questions… 


Whatever happened over at W Magazine on the day this cover was edited, maybe it’s time we stop editing women’s bodies to the point that they’re barely recognisable. Agreed? Okay, cool.


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