Suzanne Jackson Lands Back In Portugal Temporarily

The SOSU beauty mogul is currently residing between two locations.

Suzanne Jackson has shared that she’s back in Portugal for a short stint as they split their time between Portugal and Ireland.

Unfortunately, Suzanne had to cut her stay short as she had to suddenly return to Irish shores after her dog Coco fell sick.

“The vets kept thinking maybe it was something underlying (causing her white cells to drop), something along the lines of bone cancer or some other type of cancer. Because her white blood cells were dropping to 0 they assumed it was trying to fight something pretty severe.

“We were preparing for the worst. She was very very very sick,” Suzanne shared on her Instagram Stories.

“She has made a full recovery. They (the vets) now think it was an autoimmune response to a vaccination that she had.

“Coco is now back to full health which we’re so happy about, and also kind of weren’t really expecting.”

Now, packing up their things in Portugal before heading back to Dublin for a short time, Dylan and Suzanne will be returning to their Malahide home, admitting that they never planned on selling that property so, have full flexibility to return when they want to.

The pair first made the decision to move to the Algarve earlier this summer, planning to stay for the entirety of the season, with a look at lengthening their stay after that.

To fans surprise, Suzanne came home one month later sharing “woke up in Ireland” on social media and later informing fans about her dog’s health.

It is believed the pair now have no intention of returning to Portugal to reside this year.


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