Tasha Ghouri nearly left Love Island after the Snog, Marry, Pie challenge

"I was upset. I did kind of walk out."


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Love Island’s Tasha Ghouri  has been living her best life since the end of the show, as she prepares to move in with boyfriend Andrew Le Page, and has signed her first brand deal with Ebay as a pre-loved ambassador. But the road to get there wasn’t easy.

Tash is opening up about how tough life in villa was, and revealed she was ready to walk out at one point, citing the controversial Snog, Marry, Pie challenge, which received over 1,500 complaints, as a difficult time on the show.  As it left her feeling targeted by the other Islanders, during the challenge and in the days leading up to it.

She told The Sun’s Fabulous magazine: “I knew I was gonna get pies. I was ready for it, but it was more about the comments after that…There’s a level of banter and there’s [that]”.


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Tasha was pied by three of boys, Luca Bish, Dami Hope and Davide Sanclimenti. But before then, there was tension between her and Luca and Dami, after they said Tasha didn’t seem serious about Andrew.

Luca also made many comments about Tasha being too emotional, after she was upset about nearly being eliminated.

Thinking back to the game, Tash shared how she felt the need to try and hide her emotions. Explaining: “I was standing there thinking, ‘Keep your head held high and don’t show a reaction.’ There’s a clip and you can still see it in my face [how upset I was]”.

“It was a lot – I felt backed into a corner. It’s such an intense environment and hard to escape. You’re stuck in there together. I was ready to walk out”.

“A lot had happened in the space of three days and a lot of it was targeted at me. I was upset. I did kind of walk out. I said [to producers], ‘I’ve had enough’ and Andrew said, ‘I’m gonna go with you’”.


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The boys did say sorry to Tasha again, and she chose to move.

Sharing, “Then all of a sudden the boys apologised… It was a bittersweet moment. I’m a very forgiving person. I didn’t want to live the rest of the weeks in a negative way. I forgive, but I don’t forget.”

Tasha also shared how special it was that Andrew defended her amid all the drama. Confessing, “Andrew standing up to his friends showed how much he cared about me. The fact that we fought back just proved to everybody, especially the public, that we are genuine and love each other.”



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