Taylor Swift Went To Drake’s Birthday And Apparently It Didn’t Go Down Well With Rihanna

Do we spy a love triangle?

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Drake celebrated his 30th birthday with a blow-out bash in West Hollywood over the weekend, and one guest on his list is getting a lot of attention: Taylor Swift.

The singer flew from Texas back to LAX after her ten-year anniversary concert at the US Grand Prix on Saturday evening, landing on the West Coast just in time for Drake’s party.

Taylor’s attendance at the event came just hours after Drake gave her a shout-out on social media, commenting on an image she posted from her concert with a check mark emoji, which of course led to cries of ‘THEY’RE DATING!’ from fans.

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Also present were Taylor’s ex John Mayer (awks) and her long-time enemy Katy Perry (even more awks), but it was the absentee guests that raised a few eyebrows, as neither Rihanna or Nicki Minaj were present for Drake’s big night. After briefly rekindling their on-off romance recently, it seems Drake and RiRi are no more, which would explain her non-attendance, but according to Hollywood Life, the singer was “kicking herself” for not attending after seeing all the press attention Taylor received.

As for Nicki Minaj, her boyfriend Meek Mill’s long standing beef with Drake no doubt had something to do with her decision to stay home on Saturday.

Of course, Taylor didn’t attend alone – Karlie Kloss and the Haim sisters were there reppin’ the girl squad. While we’re not sure of Taylor’s motivation for heading along to Drake’s bash, we are certain of one thing: her party wear was ON POINT.

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Bandeau bra, a leather wrap skirt and a Meshki duster trench combined to make the perfect late-autumn party combo, which Taylor accessorised with a gold clutch and black heels.

No deets yet on where that skirt’s from, but we’ve been scouring the internets for dupes, and we’re loving this one, a steal at €42.67 from ASOS.

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More of this please, Tay.


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