Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans Lied About Her Husband Killing Their Dog, Police Say

The story isn't over yet!

Back in May, Teen Mom fans were shocked by a story that emerged about Jenelle Evans, her husband and their dog.

The couple alleged that after the dog bit daughter Ensley, David Eason shot and killed their pet, named Nugget.

Reports also suggested that he beat the dog badly before shooting him.

This led to a police investigation and Jenelle being fired from Teen Mom.

The whole story was pretty wild, as well as disturbing, with many struggling to get their heads around it.

But now, it looks like the entire story may have been made up as a publicity stunt.

Police have now closed their investigation into the case due to lack of evidence and are saying that they made up the story for publicity.

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office says that the story has changed since a report was first made.

She initially stated that she heard a gunshot, but didn’t see it happening, and later she said she didn’t hear a gunshot and wasn’t sure what happened to the dog.

She allegedly said: “I don’t know if she was shot or killed or not,” and added that she didn’t know where the dog was.

TMZ even reports that Jenelle actually told investigators that she made it up for publicity. Though police say added that she just wanted it all to go away, so it may have been the easiest way to make that happen.

Police also say they did a throughout search of the property and couldn’t find any evidence or weapon, and so the case was dropped.


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