10 Things To Watch On Netflix When You’re Between Series


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Sometimes you just need an easy watch. When you’re finished an intense series, still sad you’re not seeing your fave characters every day and just need something to flick on the interim, giving you time to think of what you actually want to watch next. Does this sound familiar?

Yeah, it’s because we’ve all been there.

Well, to help you out, we’ve put together a list of 10 super easy watches on Netflix right now, tying you over until you’re committed to finding something else to get hooked on.


1. The Kissing Booth 2


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Who doesn’t love a good teen rom com? The sequel to The Kissing Booth was released this month and everyone who’s everyone is watching it, even if they haven’t admitted to it… The story follows Elle and Noah’s relationship once he moves off to college and of course throws in another love triangle for good measure. Jacob Elordi is stealing the hearts of viewers everywhere yet again, so his presence in the movie is just one of the reasons you should flick it on.

2. Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging

Oh the nostalgia! This classic coming of age film never fails to get a giggle out of us, even if it is from behind our Instagram feed. If you’ve never seen it, we guarantee you won’t regret this one.

3. Just Go With It

I feel like any Adam Sandler movie could fit in this list tbh, easy to watch and no real concentration needed but makes you feel good and have a little laugh. Just Go With it is one of the better ones, with Jennifer Aniston playing Sandler’s fake ex-wife and the beautiful location of Hawaii to see there’s nothing not to like really.

4. Mama Mia (both of them)


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This is the perfect feel good film to put on anytime anywhere, mostly because once you’ve seen it once you know what happens and can just enjoy singing along to the songs! Both the first and second movies have amazing casts and absolute Abba bops.

5. Clueless

There is no wrong time to watch this film, the fashion, the cast the quotes, something about this never gets old! If you’re a fan of a 90’s teen film clueless is the one for you, easy to throw on in the background while you catch up with the girls or clean your room although you may end up getting distracted and watch the whole thing, but that’s a sign of a good film!

6. Modern Family


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Modern Family is a great series to have as your in between series show. Start from the beginning and dip in and out between other more mind demanding shows, this is

an easy watch with not so dynamic plotline and yet the storylines of the characters throughout the series make you laugh (a lot) and sometimes even cry!

7. Friends

Could there BE a better filler show? (I had to, sorry) Friends has a power of being able to flick on any episode from any season and still be funny heart-warming and iconic even if you aren’t following the whole series plot. Something to re-watch over and over, having Friends on Netflix is a gift really.

8. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Another 90’s gem. Young Will Smith living it up with his wealthy family in Bel Air, what more could you want? Not to mention how we kind of want Will’s entire wardrobe. If you haven’t seen it yet, use it as your filler show, you’ll be glad you did!

9. Celebs Go Dating


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Ah yes, we are on to the trash reality television that we so dearly love. Celebs go dating has four seasons on Netflix and once you’ve gone through one you’ll want to see another. It’s not quite Love Island but it definitely has that vibe, minus the half-naked people and a lot of the drama, but it definitely still has its fair share.

10. Keeping up with the Kardashians

This HAD to be included. While we wait patiently for the new episodes to resume, why not take a trip down memory lane to where it all started? The first two seasons are on Netflix and they are absolutely GAS. Seeing all the sister’s pre-kids, pre-fame, pre-fashion icon status and Kendall and Kylie running around and fighting as a kids? Quality content for the lazy day show’s kind of vibe.

Words by STELLAR intern, Jade Carpenter