FIRST LOOK: Islanders Get Cosy On Tonight’s Love Island

It’s all getting very serious…

Winter Love Island is well and truly upon us – and already we’ve had recouplings, steals, and not as much drama as is bound to occur once things really get going, but we’ll take what we can get.

Tonight, the islanders are still getting to know each other, which means there’s set to be some cuddling, some touching, and maybe even some kissing… (outside of a challenge).

Shaq and Tanya are one of those couples, and they’re sharing a special moment away from the rest of the villa.

Shaq says of the fire pit: “That was intense, something like that kind of puts things into perspective, in those kinds of situations you…”

Tanya asks: “You what?” to which Shaq replies: “I just want to keep you close…”

Could they be about to kiss, or will they wait a bit longer? Only time will tell.

Elsewhere, Will is bringing up Tom’s new coupling with Olivia. He says: “Honestly, you are well better suited.” Will responds and says: “It just means that I’ve got to graft a little harder now.”

He continues in the Beach Hut: “[I’ve] got to do a lot of grafting, do a lot of talking and try to take in as much as possible.”

But that’s not it on the Olivia front, because Haris still wants to see where he stands.

Haris says: “Out of every girl in here, you are the one that I’m most sexually attracted to, you’re a very good looking girl.”

Olivia tells him: “Looks wise I feel like he’s [Tom] growing on me but you’re more my type, I’m more physically attracted to you… And then personality, the thing that gets me so stuck is the fact that you’re both so different and I just need to decide what I want from a guy…”

Do we have a love triangle on our hands? Well guys, there’s only one want to find out…

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