Nicola Coughlan Addresses Fake News Concerning Bridgerton Season 2

Lady Whistledown to the rescue *phew*.

Bridgerton has been subject to a few Covid-19 scares leading to filming being halted twice already, so when rumours swirled of a third outbreak among the cast and crew Nicola Coughlan was quick to ease fans’ concerns.

The Derry Girls and Bridgerton actress took to Twitter to shut down rumours that they had stopped filming again.

When a fan asked her if it was true Nicola replied, “It’s not true!”.

Fans are very excited for season two of the show and Nicola has previously spoken about what they can expect to see in the new series.

Speaking to Speaking on RTÉ Radio 1’s Morning Ireland she said;

“This series moves on to Anthony Bridgerton’s story. Penelope’s definitely still doing her… Oh gosh, I was about to say – it’s a huge spoiler!

“If you know what happened at the end of the series, lots more of that is happening. Ok, just stopped myself in time!”


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Following the show’s launch in late 2020, the it quickly became the highest rated programme on Netflix, with 82 million streams in only 30 days.

After smashing all previous records, it was no surprise the period drama was given the green light for a second season, as well as a third and fourth.

We should be seeing the show back for season two later this year!