PSA: Desperate Housewives And Other Classic Shows Joining Disney+ Service

Plenty to binge on in the next couple of months.

As you’ve probably heard, Disney Plus is getting a brand new service called Star.

This new element of the Disney Plus streaming service will mean that the content on the platform will not only expand, but also include more mature content for adults. With plenty of 20th Century Fox films and series as well as Star and Disney’s own, the service will be dishing out new content and some old greats throughout 2021.

Some titles which have already been announced for Star include Desperate Housewives, 24 and Lost.

Joining them includes How I Met Your Mother, Family Guy and the X-Files to name a few, which will all be available from February 24th.

If you’ve got kiddies in the house too, fear not, as Disney+ also has the option to parent and pin certain elements of the service so that any mature content is under lock and key.

What’s also very exciting for Kardashian fans is that Star is set to become the new home of any content with the famous KarJenners. After leaving E! and announcing the end of their series (as we know it) last year, the Kardashians are set to wrap filming early this year, and move over to Hulu (Star for us in Ireland).


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So, yeah, it’s all looking pretty exciting and we for one cannot wait to sit on the couch and binge it all.