Squid Games Just Made Netflix History With Record Breaking Stats

The series has reached phenomenal success snd it hasn't even been out for a month yet.


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As most of you’ve have probably binged by now, Squid Games is the talk of the town globe at the moment.

The series, which landed on the streaming service in September, has been receiving serious praise for its mad concept, making it addictive viewing.

Since landing 17 days ago, as of Wednesday, October 13th, the show has now officially become the biggest series launch for Netflix in the history of the streaming service, with 111 million fans across the globe.

Breaking the news on Twitter, Netflix also celebrated the show’s director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, who was looking to get Squid Games made for the past decade – to now – reap the rewards of his super success in less than a month. How incredible?

Since the show has landed, fans have been living for Squid Games. Between the outfits featured in the show; which are said to be the biggest Halloween trend this year, to others making the honeycomb game, to people coming up with mad fan theories, the season might be over but we’re clearly still living for it.

One theory looked to answer the question surrounding who are the people behind the masks in the red jumpsuits, and how do they end up there?

Characters in Squid Game are divided into two groups, the players who wear green tracksuits, and the workers who wear masks and red jumpsuits. We know how the players are chosen, but viewers were left wondering as to how the workers ended up in that position. Are they old players? Is it just a job for them?

Well, this Squid Game theory that has gone viral on TikTok tried to explain exactly that, and it makes a lot of sense.


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According to the theory, whether the people end up as players or workers all depends on the very first game they play with the mysterious person who offers them money if they win.

Remember in the first episode when Seong Gi-Hun played a game at the train station with an anonymous man? Well, he was asked to choose between a red and a blue square. He chooses the blue, along with every other player that we saw take part.

So it suggests that anyone who chooses red will then go in as a worker, with their red jumpsuits.

The TikTok, by @lucy.what1, shows snaps of certain scenes from the show, along with the text: “He asks him to choose a colour”. The clip then shows Seong Gi-Hun alongside the words, “He chooses blue and wakes up as a player”.

It makes a whole lot of sense. But how do they have a chance to win the money? Or are they just paid for their work? Maybe we’ll find out for sure if another season comes along.