What Time’s Your Flight? Top 10 Savage Moments In Love Island History

A look back on some of the best bits from our favourite reality TV show.

With not long to wait until season seven, it’s safe to say we’re getting very excited for all the Love Island goodness that’s ahead of us.

From tears and tantrums to new romance and hideaway nights, eight weeks is just not enough to fill the Love Island shaped hole in our life after last year’s hiatus due to the pandemic.

But thankfully, thanks to the heap of seasons that have come before us, we’re counting down (in no particular order) some of the most dramatic, hilarious and re-watchable moments in Love Island’s iconic history.

This will keep us tipping over until the next season drops.

1. Jack and Dani – ‘what time’s your flight?’ (season 4) 

I mean, who could ever forget this moment? Hence our headline.

The scene showed the lovebirds in bed after spending the day fighting thanks to the now banished lie detector test. Dani was in a rager and blurted out that she was going to leave the villa, to which Jack so innocently replied “what time’s your flight?”.

God love him. Or as Dani would say “awww, bless ’em”.

2. Chris and Olivia – ‘I’m SaAHt’ (season 3) 

This moment will never grow old and when a week passes that we don’t see it crop up on Twitter, we will post it ourselves to remind people.

Olivia Attwood and Chris Hughes were having another row when Chris, stressed up to the nines asked Olivia to sit down while she was already sitting.

Olivia’s reply “I’m SaAht”. Brilliant.

3. Curtis Pritchard revealing himself as Mrs Doyle (season 5) 

Right, we all love to make tae and coffee, don’t get me wrong. But choosing to make all your fellow Islanders a hot beverage over cuddling with someone in bed just seems utterly w i l d.

Was he secretly contracted as part of the ITV kitchen staff? We shall never know. Tbh, we could easily write 10 moments dedicated to Curtis and his loose hips, but this is definitely up there with the best.


Two words. Rosie Williams.

We’ve got to admit, it must have been extremely difficult to try and have a serious conversation with Adam Collard while he’s smirking in your face, but Rosie gave it her all, and left us with one of the sassiest and dramatic Love Island exits.

5. ‘It will be interesting to see if she’s all mouth or not’ – Tom Walker (season 5)

It’s a good thing Tom’s surname is Walker because he’s getting the absolute BOOT for this moment.

Speaking to the “ladz”, Tom has just secured himself a night in the hideaway with Maura Higgins and reveals that he’s thankful because he can now see if she’s “all mouth or not”.

Sorry, the CHEEK. Thankfully, she shut him down.

6. Finn’s declaration of love to Paige (season 6)

Moving from an awful moment to a magical one, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room (Finn included) when it was time to tell Paige just how much she meant to him.

Prepare to cry all over again! The fact they’re still together makes this moment even better. Ugh, young love, amirite?!

Easily one of our favourite finales ever.

7. ‘I could have gone deeper, babe’ – Amber and Georgia’s spat (season 3) 

After an explosive recoupling, Georgia had to face up to Amber and explain why she decided to recouple with her boyfriend, Kem.

We. Do. Not. Envy. Her.

It’s safe to say Amber was livid and when Georgia asked her not to go down her throat about it, Amber replies “I could have gone deeper, babe.” Fierce.

Also remember when the Islanders used to smoke on TV? Wild.

8. Dani and Georgia’s hilarious fall out (season 4)

Looking back, like what was this? Firstly, Sam and Georgia were truly the most comical pairing in Love Island history and if this fight about them staying as singletons yet still “loving” each other doesn’t say it all, I’d suggest watching it again, and again, and again.

9. Scott’s explosion (season 2) 

When Malin mentioned to Scott that his girl Kady fancied one of the new lads, the place went down in flames as Scott lost the plot and left off some serious steam.


10. Molly-Mae and Tommy’s Casa Amor recoupling (season 5)

It’s only fair that we include one of Love Island’s famous post-Casa Amor recouplings, and although there’s SO many to choose from, we said we’d go with a nice one and pick the time Molly-Mae broke down in tears because she thought Tommy had picked someone else.

Our hearts. Praise be Ellie-Belly.

Lads, didn’t you miss it?


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