You’ll Laugh When You Hear Ashton Kutcher’s Take On Bridgerton

He woke up during THAT episode.

Ashton Kutcher got a bit of a hop when he fell asleep next to his wife Mila Kunis and woke up to a pretty X-rated scene on Bridgeton.

Adding to the list of stars currently bingeing the Netflix hit, Bridgerton smashed all records in recent weeks becoming the most streamed original to ever grace (your grace) the platform.

A whopping 82 million and counting tuned into the show and in the Kutcher-Kunis household, it was a massive hit.

Explaining however, that after falling asleep, he believed he had woken up to a different kind of show, Ashton confessed that he thought his wife was watching adult telly.

“Are you watching a porno?” he told the Today Show.

“I didn’t know what was going on. I was like, ‘Is there someone else in the bed?’ It was terrifying!”

Adding that she’s usually asleep by 9:30pm, Mila added that the show was so addictive she was up until midnight watching episode after episode – we’re guessing which included episode 7 and that “Wildest Dreams” sequence.

Adding that she’s “so excited” to finish the season, it hopefully won’t be long more until we have season two on our TVs.

According to Netflix, the show will resume filming in spring and then hopefully, we’ll have it back on our screens by Christmas.

It is being reported that Bridgerton could continue for 8 seasons to follow the eight books by author Julia Quinn. As we all know, book one (similar to season one) followed Daphne Bridgerton, with season two (similar to book two), set to follow Anthony Bridgerton, the very eligible viscount.

Bring it on!


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