That Boob And Bum Interior Trend You’ve Seen All Over Social Media? It’s Not Going Anywhere

Those little pots have a big message



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One scroll through Instagram and you’d be hard pushed to find a few sticks of lavender poking out of a vase in the shape of a bum. What seemed a little odd at first has gone on to become a lockdown interior staple, and we’re not even one bit mad about it.

These cheeky vases have been cropping up left right and centre, and while they’re pretty to look at and make for a cute Instagram snap, these little pots have a deeper message.


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Now, we know that nips and bums and everything in between is hardly new territories when it comes to creating artwork, but in recent decades the idea of what society deems to be the ideal has em, shifted a little. While Marilyn Monroe was once celebrated for being the most beautiful woman in the world, purely for being normal, had she have been around today she would have been placed firmly inside the ‘plus-size’ box. A snatched waist and smooth skin have come to be the ‘norm’ when it comes to body shapes these days, with not a lump nor a bump to be in sight.

But, the boob and bum interior trend is laughing in the face of perfection, and celebrating all bodies, all shapes, and all of the beauty the female form has to offer. Championing everything that is normal with women’s bodies, there is a vase out there depicting every body you could imagine.

While popping a little ceramic arse on your mantlepiece may seem small, it’s actually a powerful way to embrace all that is natural and beautiful in this world, sticking two fingers up to unrealistic beauty ideals placed on us.

Here are a few of our fave jiggly bits to get you inspired:

Nude Tops – €38.52

Bum Pot – €22.45

Boobievase – €28

Glass Bum Vase – € 27,95



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