The Best (And Worst) Moments From Last Night’s Oscars

Oh, it was quite the event...

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Each and every year awards season begins with the intentional lead up to the big daddy of award shows, the creme de la creme, it is of course The Oscars.

Despite plenty of predictions in the lead up to the event, the night itself had plenty of surprises. While we pretend to care about who won what, we’re just going to go ahead and say it,  it’s the ‘WTF’ moments on the red carpet that we live for.

Although previous years provided us with a lot more oohs and lols, this year did give us some memorable moments and for that, we are grateful.

From photobombing, to very sweet guests, here are our most memorable moments from last night’s show.

James Corden and Rebel Wilson dressed as cats?

Rebel Wilson and James Corden chose to take the absolute mickey out of their 2019 flick Cats. Taking to the stage dressed as Cats to present the award for Best Visual Effects, the two were their usual comedic selves, leaving the audience and viewers both amused and confused.

Billie Eilish became a meme

We’re all familiar with that Chrissy Tiegen awards meme, well it looks like Chrissy has competition, as Billie Eilish pulled some MAD faces during last night’s ceremony. Reacting to Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig’s parody song performance, Billie made no effort to conceal her confusion and pulled what has now been dubbed the ‘Okay boomer’ face.

Margot Robbie is a BIG Timothee Chalamet fangirl

Timothee Chalamet photobombed Margot Robbie on the red carpet, and as it turns out, Margot is actually a huge fan of the actor. Slowly creeping into Margot’s shot, the actress quickly copped onto the messer’s antics and embraced him by grabbing his little head. It made for great pictures and we’re delighted.

Keanu Reeves brought his mam as his date

Going to the Oscars is the perfect time to debut a brand new relationship. But, for Keanu Reeves he chose to bring his mam along to the ceremony. The two wore matching classic-style tuxedos and they looked straight fire tbh, good style clearly runs in the family.

And Leonardo DiCaprio brought his new GF

Speaking of dates, Leonardo DiCaprio took the opportunity to make things public with his newest squeeze, Camila Morrone. Well, we say newest, but they have been dating since 2017 so it’s probably about time they had their first official debut, and they looked gorge, so fair play to them.

Spike Lee paid tribute to Kobe Bryant

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Paying tribute to late basketball star Kobe Bryant, Spike Lee wore a custom Gucci suit which had the number 24 stitched onto it – Kobe’s Lakers number. “We all miss him. I’m presenting tonight but… I wanted to represent. I want to do both tonight,” he said.

Eminem was about 17 years too late with his performance

Eminem won an Oscar for his ‘Lose Yourself’ from Eight Mile in 2003, but declined to accept the statue in person. But, last night he showed up and sang the song and everyone clapped, and we’re not really sure why but there ya go.

Natalie Portman used her outfit to stand up for snubbed female directors

Using the red carpet as an opportunity to make a political statement is a very clever way to have your voice heard. One celebrity making a very bold (and necessary) statement last night was Natalie Portman, who didn’t let anyone forget about the lack of female directors nominated for the Oscars this year. Natalie wore a cape to the event which featured the names of female directors who were overlooked this year in the directing category, including Greta Gerwig for “Little Women” and Lorene Scafaria for “Hustlers”.


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