The Best Reactions To Greg And Amber Winning Love Island Last Night

What a victory for Ireland.

Last night, Amber Gill and Limerick man Greg O’Shea were crowned the winners of Love Island 2019.

The pair had only been coupled up for 12 days in the villa, but it’s clear that their sweet relationship charmed viewers completely. Greg was the respectful, easy-going guy Amber needed, and he arrived at just the right time.

While the whole of Ireland was rooting for them to win, we still didn’t believe it would happen, which was why we were probably just as shocked as Amber when Caroline Flack announced them as the winners:

What a moment. Here’s a look at the Twitter reaction to their win.

Viewers began to have hope for a #Gramber win after Greg read his poem

The Islanders were asked to write a ‘declaration of love’ to their partner, but seeing as they’d only known each other 12 days, Greg eschewed the soppiness and penned Amber a Rose of Tralee-style poem.

Even though it contained couplets like “The perfect balance of honesty and sass, and of course we can’t forget about your gorgeous ass”, everyone was still pretty choked up? The power of love.

They were touched by the fact that Amber was wearing the shamrock necklace Greg’s mam gave her

We’re not crying, YOU ARE.

The win felt extremely #deserved after Amber’s journey on the show

She really did get messed around by a certain man we’ll call Mick, but she made it out the other side in style.

And no one could help but be like HOW’D YOU LIKE THEM APPLES MICHAEL

But let’s not dwell on him too long now.

Some have suggested that their win makes up somewhat for the Brexit mess

You’re not out of this completely, fellas, but we’ll accept this form of reparations.

Even the Irish Embassy in the UK was pleased at the thought of what this will do for British-Irish relations

Truly, this show has international ramifications.

But now we’re just waiting for Greg’s homecoming

Yup Limerick and congratulations to the happy couple!


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