The End Part One – A Recap On KUWTK’s Final Season – Episode 11

Vicki is back with her weekly deep dive into the latest episode of KUWTK.

Jesus lads, the title this week got me. Omg I am NOT emotionally able for this so soon!

We start off with a selfie video from Kim who says she and the kids are recovered and all is well once again. The family meet for breakfast and talk about how it’s their last couple of weeks filming (this would be end of November, start of December time). Khloe feels like she has too much going on to fully be present, while Kourtney feels like this time is a blessing – of course she does. They then decide to go on their last long weekend away together – for the show.

It’s decided that they’ll go to Lake Tahoe, a place in the mountains in Nevada that they used to visit when they were kids.

Between the RHOBH gang going there in the latest episodes, and now the KJs, it will be THE destination of 2022!


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Kourtney brings out an old fake People magazine project that she did as a teen and looking back on their shared past, they decide to do a time capsule. This is where I start crying, j’adore a memory box and actually have three of my own clogging up my tiny house. That reminds me, I must do an edit.

They’re looking back on Kim and Kanye’s wedding photos – eek. Kris gives one last push for Skourt. Kourtney isn’t having it. I would say Amelia Hamlin is BULLING at all this talk, although god bless her, she is only 19 years old.


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Tristan is trying to get on an LA basketball team so he can be nearby, but he doesn’t have much control over where he goes. He ends up on the Boston Celtics on the opposite coast. I can’t say I’m sad… except for True, who deserves to have both of her parents around

Looking for stuff for the archive, we get a glimpse in to what takes up so much damn square footage in their houses – Kim’s closet is totally archived as if in a museum, and it’s incredible. Would kill to have a root. We relive the Dash fragrance scandal of season three when Kourtney and Khloe were disgusted Kim was doing a perfume without them. Kim, in an expert trolling move, chooses that for the capsule as it was her first solo business venture. Hehe.

Khloe and Kris have legal drama with their properties as a contractor has their deeds and money. Sounds verrrry dodge and dramatic so it means Khloe is in limbo while the courts are closed. That means Tristan can try and get in her ear about moving to Boston, gah!!!!

They arrive in Tahoe to this MASSIVE, amazing gaff. Kim is throwing a hissy fit because there are cookies and she’s gained 15lbs. (Kendall – “control yourself Kim, cos I like them” HAHAHA). But in reality it’s all about her marriage issues. She’s not a happy camper.


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Khloe asks what’s going on, and she she says there’s no fighting and it’s calm, so she’s rolling with it. Cut to black and white footage filmed a few weeks previously of her screaming crying because Kanye keeps moving state. She says she wants him to have a wife that supports his every move and follows him, but she can’t. Her four sisters look on sympathetically as she bawls.

She feels like a total failure and loser because it’s her third failed marriage. She just wants to be happy. Sad for them and their four kids, but also happy that she won’t let them live in a household where things are unhappy and erratic.

Now, moving on – sorry, they all look so MF cool wherever they go – sleek cars and buses, amazing winter chic outfits, they just radiate money. I love it!

It’s at this point of the episode that I’ve just copped Kylie isn’t in Tahoe with them! Wtf Kylie! It’s the last season, get the finger out.

They split in to teams to do a Scavenger Hunt game based on the 20 seasons of the show, and it’s so good! KUWTK would be my specialist subject on Mastermind, so I’m loving it because I’m getting them right, LOL! They recreate a few iconic moments, like Kris draped in the American flag, and Kim doesn’t even remember that she was with Reggie Bush in season one! The shade.

Scott feels like it takes more energy not to be together, and I totally hear him. Everyone is still pushing the fact that they should get married, but Kourt is still blank-facing them all. Khloe is doing a little video project to go in the ground with the capsule, and watching Scott confess his undying love for Kourtney is sad! I feel so bad for him. Especially because she’s being so extra with Travis now. Ouch, that must really hurt. In a message to his children in 15 years, Scott says you can’t buy happiness and it’s all that matters. Sob!

Kim and Kourtney want Khloe to go to Boston for some reason. It’s so not her! Although Massachusetts has a fab coast, I could go over and show her around. She decides not to uproot True during the pandemic, and to stay put. Is his recent alleged behaviour an example of him acting out because she won’t go to Boston? Is he like a child that can’t be alone??? Jesus!


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They have a last supper in Tahoe and share their Secret Santa gifts. We get a “Kim there’s people that are dying” flashback as they’re doing it, thank you for that Kris Jenner. Kris gets gifted more fake art, and I’m living for Khloe in the background – “Jennifer Lawrence wanted that one!”.

The episode ends with Kourtney still facing pressure to get back with Scott, but she says people don’t know the full picture. She says she doesn’t believe what he’s saying, he’s a “talker”. Hmmm.


Okay guys, I’m absolutely not ready for this to be over!!!!! Next week! I’m going to need some time to adjust, take the week to grieve. Expect next week’s finale roundup to be an emoshe one.


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