The First Orange Is The New Black Trailer Is Here And It Looks Crazy

We're ready to see the women again.

We have finally got our first peak at the new season of Orange Is The New Black and boy does it look interesting!

To jog your memory, last season left us after the riot and the destruction of Litchfield. We saw everyone being split up and send off in different buses but it was unclear as to where their next destination was.

The trailer reveals early on that their new ‘home’ is maximum security.

While we don’t get a whole lot of information in this first look, there are a few snippets. The new prison looks like a scary place with Morello whispering, “These girls are psychos.” Everyone is looking a bit scared and rough in this season including Red and Taystee. We see all the women speaking to what appears to be lawyers who ask “You’re going to give up the rest of your life to protect some lousy criminal?”

There also seems to be a big divide among the new prisoners that surround the ladies. According to Piper, the blue uniforms and the khakis are at war with each other. Piper also points out that there is one person noticeably missing and that is Alex.

We also get the quickest glance at one character who we haven’t seen in a while: Lolly. So hopefully we’ll get to finally find out what went on with her.

As always the series looks like it’s going to be a cracker, full of tears, fights and laughs.

Orange Is The New Black hits Netflix on July 27th. Have a look at the full trailer here.