The Fourth Wall Is Broken – A Recap On KUWTK’s Final Season – Episode 7

Vicki is back with her weekly deep dive into the latest episode of KUWTK.

Welcome to this week’s Kardashian ReKap, a resoundingly different episode from what we’ve seen this season so far.

It’s episodes like this, where we see the crew, the cameras and the production values that makes me wonder why they ever did anything differently. I mean, they obviously know better than I do how to format reality television, but when you see shows like Teen Mom adapting to show the crew it makes you wonder, why pretend they’re not there? Why bother with silly fake storylines? The episodes where there’s no arc or competing stories are always the best. Maybe this will be what the Hulu show is like… a foreshadowing of sorts.

First up, we learn that two crew members are having a baby! A Kardashian love story – I will write that lifetime movie, call me! There’s lots of tears and snot at the baby shower where the cast and crew heap praise upon one another, just so we know how earth-shattering the episode’s revelations will be for all…


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Kris has sold her house and has her many assistants packing up her glam room. She then holds a meeting with her eldest daughters to talk about the renewing the contract with the network. She’s in her leopard print pyjamas and is looking totally iconic.

They’re filming on iPhones because they don’t want the crew to hear but still want to document their decision making talks. Side note – Kris’ Palm Springs house has an incredible wine cellar.

Khloe isn’t good with change, and feels “heavy” about the prospective end of the show, while Kris loves the security of the show and the wider “family” they’ve developed over 14 years.

Kourt says she is newly really decisive in life (Sure, Jan)and she defo thinks it’s time to end. She feels like it’s not making sense anymore. As if she hasn’t wanted it to end for at least two years.

For the first time though, Kim and Kris think they’ve reached the peak of what they can do. Kim says she thinks it’s time; the sage Jenner says “we can’t be open to a new chapter if we don’t close this one.” Not to be cynical, but I think she meant contract, not chapter.

They’ve very clear throughout that they’re not saying bye to reality TV or public life but to KUWTK as a format and show.

Khloe is the only one that wants to keep doing it. She’s worried about telling everyone. She said there wasn’t one good month in 2020 – I feel that deeply.


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MJ is moving from San Diego to Calabasas to be closer to them all. Kris is sad packing up her mam’s house, and “organising the end of her life” (morbid, hun).

They gather all the crew at the Malibu beach house to tell them they’ve essentially lost their regular gig, which can’t be easy. The crew is MASSIVE.

Khloe looks utterly ridiculous – possibly her worst glam and styling in the history of the show; especially for such a moving, down to earth moment. She says the crew have been there for when “life fucking sucks”. She reveals that one of the camera guys was with her for Christmas Day in Dallas so she wouldn’t be alone when she married to Lamar, and that she’s had a security blanket in these people.

The crew are all weeping behind the masks, Kourtney can barely get it up to hide her glee and Kim seems truly bereft giving us one last Kim ugly crying face to see us through. It all feels very genuine.

Foodgod is devo. “This is pop culture sadness”, he says. No more cheques from E!, too right he’s sad.

Simon is sad too, but generally more well-adjusted. He says he thought they’d just keep going until the kids were full-time characters, that he’d see North’s Super Sweet 16th on TV. Simons then asks what Kanye is saying.

Watching them posting the announcement about the end of the show online gives me insane anxiety. I cannot imagine having that kind of reach. Kris is taking it badly and feeling overwhelmed. She’s worried they made the wrong decision. Khloe suggests she head for Palm Springs with her girlfriends and hydrate with martinis. I would like a daughter like Khloe.

Scott is afraid he’ll float away from the family when they’re not working together every day. Kourtney is pissed off people are blaming her. She’s saying she would’ve kept on keeping up if everyone else wanted to. She thinks they got a taste of not living in a fishbowl in quarantine – and obviously liked it.


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Omg! Enter Kyle Richards!! And the “morally corrupt” Faye Resnick!! (RHOBHB stans will remember Camille’s cutting yet ridiculous statement from season one) Am I watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or KUWTK?!? Do I care?? I do not! I’m thrilled with any reality show crossover. It took ten seasons of RHOBH for Kris to make an appearance with her BFF Kyle, and I literally yelped when I saw her. Similar happened here.

Kyle looks incredible. A fellow long term reality queen, Kris wants her advice… which she doesn’t really give other than to support her pal with sympathetic oohs and aahs.

Corey is like a Greek chorus, filling in the gaps of what Kris wants to say with a steadying hand on her shoulder. You know, I was never sure about him but now I like him, I feel like he’s a calming presence for mamma Kris.

Kyle cannot appear on a reality tv show without doing the full splits so there she goes!!! Mauricio is a lucky man. What I wouldn’t GIVE to hang out with these three icons and get absolutely PISSED.

In the end, they choose to get over the sadness as a family and give their all to the last few weeks. They’ve a month left of filming so they’re like let’s go out in style. The episode ends with a KARDASHIANS WOOHOO!

I don’t know about y’all, but I liked that. And I’m living for the next few weeks of drama.


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