The Gas Story Of How A Woman Snuck Into A Penneys Appointment By Pretending To Work There

Well, beats buying one for €100

It’s been a wild week for Penneys lovers. With appointment-only shopping trips taking place inside the superstore all this week, the nation was split – those who were lucky enough to get an appointment, and those who did.

For one Dublin woman however, she said ‘No appointment? No problem’. Refusing to spend €100 buying an appointment from someone else (no, really, people were selling them for that much), TikTok user @r_ellis4 to hell with that and hatched her own plan for gaining access to the land of pop socks and knickers.

Getting her hands on a Penneys uniform, the woman casually donned the blue t-shirt and walked into a Penneys store under the guise of working there. And it worked! The woman shared her experience on her TikTok account in a video which has now raked up 180k views at the time of writing.

Explaining her plan in the video she began by saying:

“Right, so I’m in a real real big hurry because I’m actually on my way to Penneys and I didn’t get a Penneys appointment but I’m after getting my hands on this top”

“So I’m gonna pretend I’m just going to work and walk past. Wish me luck everybody”

@r_ellis4#fyp #viral #banterranter

♬ original sound – BanterRanter___😜

To her delight, her plan goes smoothly and she emerges from Penneys with a heavy-looking bag.

People in the comments section lost it over the woman’s idea, with some branding her a ‘genius’ and others calling it ‘epic’.


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