The Internet Is Very Confused About Zara’s Latest Campaign Snaps

"Can someone please explain what is going on here?"

In light of recent world events, so many of us have taken to online shopping as a way of finding some escape from the shitshow that is 2020.

With the pandemic forcing us all to keep apart, brands around the world had to adapt to a new way of working. Extending to retail brands too, many popular fashion labels have adapted their traditional photoshoots to the situation, asking their models to shoot from the comfort of their own homes.

Included in that new way of operating is fashion brand Zara, the fast-fashion label known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to affordable style. However, customers perusing their website in recent weeks in search of some new summer bits were greeting with a bit of a shock.

Launching their new spring/summer collection, the model’s choice of location and poses have got the internet scratching its head with bewilderment, and we kind of see what they’re confused about tbh.

Kicking things off over on Twitter, one user questioned the models em, usual choice of location for showing off this lemon dress.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, yes that is a stove she is crouching atop.

Continuing to notice the madness, other twitter users began to share various other models in strange positions and the rest of the internet is loving it, creating an entire thread of the model’s shenanigans.

Joking aside, Internet users have speculated that maybe this is Zara’s marketing ploy to get people talking about the brand. Others have said that this could be their way of pushing the boundaries when it comes to the future of fashion and media, but either way, it’s making for excellent content, so keep em’ coming ladies!

Who knew online shopping could be so gas?!


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