The Latest On The #FREEBRITNEY Movement: Here’s What You Need To Know

A breakdown on all that's going on.


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If you own a social media account you’ve most likely come across 1) videos of Britney Spears dancing in her hallway and garage and 2) responses to these videos with the hashtag #FREEBRITNEY.

Concerned fans are rallying together to raise awareness for the singer’s wellbeing and are determined to free her from her father’s long term conservatorship.

The viral trend has been gaining a lot of attention recently and it doesn’t seem to be stopping.

So, what is the Free Britney movement about? And secondly, who is supporting it?

Well, if you’re confused or interested to know more, here’s a breakdown on all we know so far…

The Voice

It is believed that the control of Britney’s career started in the very early days before her first album. Fans believe that Britney was forced to change the sound of her singing voice because it sounded too similar to Christina Aguilera’s; who was her co-star on the Mickey Mouse clubhouse and released an album around the same time as Britney.

When Britney’s iconic first single was released her deep soulful voice was nowhere to be heard and instead the infamous babyish nasally tone was introduced. This became what Britney was known for and has been on all of her music since. It is said that over the years her voice has been damaged from singing like this and therefore explains why she is known for lip-syncing at live concerts. Apparently, she isn’t allowed to sing live because it will either sound awful due to voice damage, or it will sound like her real voice.


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The Conservatorship

After Britney’s infamous breakdown in 2008, her father was appointed as her conservator. After Britney continued to struggle mentally, she was hospitalised. This conservatorship was meant to last one year until she was mentally stable again, but it has now been 12 years.

Well, what does the conservatorship mean for Britney?

It is basically a legal guardian role, usually used for severely disabled people. Britney’s father claimed she had early onset dementia and needed to be monitored. Although fans are pointing out that since the conservatorship began she has done 3 worldwide tours, released 4 albums, was a judge on the X-Factor, did a 4 year Vegas residency and many more business deals.

A lot for someone who is deemed too ill to take care of herself.


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Under this conservatorship, Britney cannot:

Drive a car, vote, get married, spend her money, see her children, get a coffee, go for a walk, speak about the conservatorship, leave her home.. and many more without having the legal permission of her father, who is allowed to get her put into a mental facility if she disobeys.

Britney is 38 years old.

The Court Dates

Britney has been asking for this to end. She has had court dates to try and discuss the termination of the conservatorship, but they have been delayed because of the pandemic. It is now scheduled for August 22, 2020.


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Celebrity Support

Many celebrities have spoken out against or showed support of the movement, saying they believe it and sending love to Britney.

Some of these include… Britney’s old friend Paris Hilton who has posted the hashtag online as well as throwback posts of Britney, Bella Thorne and Ariel Winter have also shared information on their stories about the movement. In 2019 Miley Cyrus screamed “Free Britney” during one of her concerts.

Britney’s mother has been liking posts and comments about the movement and recently filed to be included in her daughters financial managing after Britney allegedly asked her to be involved in the conservatorship.

Britney’s Activity

People have been speaking about Britney’s erratic Instagram posts of her dancing in her home. Although the videos sparked concern, members of the movement have urged people not to hate on them as they believe that Britney has been trying to send messages through her social media.

In the past, the star has mentioned being “too controlled” and “under restraints”, saying she feels almost like she’s in jail but without a release date.


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The Movement

Two Britney super fans who have a podcast, began researching into the stars life and the terms of the conservatorship after her Vegas residency was cancelled. They received an anonymous call to hint that they were onto something. And so the movement began.

We hope Britney is okay!


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Words by Jade Carpenter 


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