The Most Hilarious Reactions To Love Island’s Cliffhanger

Disappointed, but not surprised.

We are still bitter about it…

Last night we were once again burned by the Love Island producers love to take us to the moment we think we are going to get all the tea, build us up to want drama and then cut us off before we are satisfied. It’s infuriating, but we are 100% returning to the sofa tonight at 9pm for our Love Island fix. They have the power.

Even though we will come back regardless of the show that evening, we can’t help but feel a little betrayed everytime we have a “TOMORROW NIGHT” ending.

Last night we didn’t even get this, they cut it off with no sneak peek. Which hurts more, we really just have to wait until tomorrow for the goods, well, it better be JUICY that’s all we’re saying.

Not surprised, just disappointed is the term that comes to mind when 10pm rolls around and the episode cuts off right before the recoupling. It happens all the time and yet, it still stings. Sometimes we are teased with an episode that ends after 10pm, which gives us the hope that one day that’ll happen again and maybe we will see the recoupling in the same night.

Honestly, this dating show is like a dating game…

We are not the only ones who feel all these feelings, all viewers were relating after last night’s episode. Some took to Twitter to share their pain and we just had to round up the funniest reactions, it makes it hurt a little less.

Use this to kill time while we await tonight’s actual juicy episode, enjoy!

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