The New Season Of ‘You’ Is Set To Be The Best And Creepiest Yet

Filming has already wrapped on season three!

When Netflix released the second season of ‘You’ we thought they would struggle to top the weirdness of season one, but it just got even better and even weirder.

If you need some catching up, season two of the hit show moved Joe Goldberg from his bookstore in NYC to the glossy streets of LA, and he hates it.

Although he moves there determined to leave his obsessive stalking days behind him, we very quickly see him back to his old tricks but with plenty of unexpected plot twists that top the first season.

Season two ended with Joe living with his now pregnant girlfriend, Love, who is equally as terrifying as he is, in their new home in the suburbs.

Just before the final episode ends we see Joe spot his new, gorgeous neighbour, and his familiar voiceover begins letting us know that he’s found his latest obsession.


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Season three is already in production, with Netflix already giving us lots of hints and behind the scenes snaps and they’ve just wrapped filming on the final episode. The streaming platform recently shared that we can expect new episodes before the end of 2021!

Lead producer, Sera Gamble also shared her thoughts on what viewers can expect from the new season; “The episodes are f**king bonkers and the performances are insanely good.”

“That’s all I’ll say about that till we are ready to talk about the new season.”


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