The Pete Davidson Mystery, Our Love For Irish Talent And Total Fear Of Being Cheugy

No bad juju surrounding this 13... episode 13 of The Skim has landed!

Welcome back lovely listeners, it’s a new week which means a brand, spanking new episode of The Skim, filled with juicy conversations, fresh off the press celeb goss and our own moans… as per usual.

This week, we’re chatting about Gwen Stefani’s wedding, her funky choice of footwear and why she’s just simply an unproblematic queen, while also, talking about the mystery that is Pete Davidson and how he seems to have the BIGGEST dick energy we’re ever seen?!

Eh, did you see those pics with Phoebe Dynevor, our Bridgerton gal? Well, we’re chatting about those and more in today’s episode.


Also in today’s show we chat about another Bridgerton star and our very own Nicola Coughlan. We talk about how Nicola and Paul Mescal are absolutely killing it in the field of acting, as two stars who seriously shot to fame throughout the pandemic for their roles in Bridgerton and Normal People. Roles which they both won IFTAs for – and rightly so! Snaps for them.

Today’s episode also includes some RAGE inducing rots and some pretty hot HOTS, while we also discuss why we’re absolutely *terrified* of becoming cheugy. There’s things we love now that are apparently set to become cheugy soon and so we’re DONE with the word. Bye.

All of this and more in today’s episode, Island gyals.



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