The Reason Why Amber Gill Had To Split From Recent Boyfriend

She recently discovered an incident that happened in his past.

Only a few weeks ago Love Island star, Amber Gill confirmed she was seeing someone. However, she has since broken off the relationship after she discovered some secrets from his past.

The MailOnline has reported that her new beau has a criminal past, involving a nightclub in 2015. The incident, which took place in Leeds, involved her new boyfriend attacking two doormen.

He was then tried in April of 2018 after leaving one victim in a “critical condition” and was sentenced to over three years in prison.


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Earlier this year Amber shared that she was seeing someone, saying in an interview that; “I’m not single and ready to mingle, that’s all I’m saying.”

“It’s someone I’ve known from before it’s not somebody I’ve known from lockdown onwards. But yes I’m happy, I’m really happy.”

Despite this, she never went Instagram official with her new boyf so his identity remained a mystery to most.


Since the news has come to light it seems the 23-year-old social media star has called off their relationship with sources close to Amber revealing it; “has come as a big shock to her.”

“Understandably it’s caused her a great deal of upset and stress as it’s all come out of the blue. This has completely thrown Amber and she just wants to be surrounded by friends and family for their love and support.”