The Sex Files: ‘I Had Secret Sex With My Brother’s Best Friend’

Memories of the best (and worst) rides of your life.

“I had always fancied my brother’s friends from his GAA team. They were two years older than me, they played football, and they were just good craic. Mark was particularly fit, and I’d always had a serious thing for him but then he moved to Australia for a yea and I totally forgot about him. That was until he came home two summers ago.

My brother hadn’t mentioned that he was coming to ours to stay for the weekend, as they hadn’t caught up since he came back. When I saw him walk in the door that strong crush came flooding back. He was as gorgeous as ever, but had acquired a golden tan which was a welcome change from the farmers’ tans most of the lads had here. When he saw me, he gave me a big smile and told me it was great to see me. I could barely look at him I fancied him so much. They were heading out for some drinks and I was going out with the girls, so we all headed to the same pub. We sat in a big group but I kept some subtle eye contact going throughout the night.

After a few drinks I went out for a smoke and he followed me out, we sat on a bench together chatting about Oz and what he’d missed when he was away, when I noticed he had his hand around my waist. I thought about just kissing him there and then but chickened out.

They headed off to another pub, but I had butterflies just thinking about his arm around me. I headed home around 2am, tiptoed into the kitchen so as not to wake anyone and drunkenly fumbled for something to drink. I heard someone come down the stairs and to my pleasant surprise it was Mark.

‘I was wondering if you got home okay,’ he said walking toward me, suddenly a little shy. ‘Yep!’ I said, my heart racing. Then he just went for it. He pushed me up against the kitchen counter and started kissing me, my lips, my neck and he pressed his body up against mine. I could feel that he was rock hard. He lifted me and sat me on the counter so I could straddle him. Then he reached up my dress and pulled my underwear to the side. He began to gently finger me while kissing me passionately.

I suddenly got nervous that someone would wake so I whispered to him to follow me to my bedroom, thankfully the only downstairs bedroom in the house! He climbed on top of me in the bed and kissed my neck and breasts. He took it slow, and didn’t just go straight for sex which I wasn’t used to. Instead he made sure I was totally turned on and fingered me gently until I came. Then he slid inside. I couldn’t believe how good it all felt, his confidence made it all the more sexy. He moved slowly, and knew exactly what he was doing. After he came, he kissed me passionately. He lay on the bed holding me for what felt like only a few minutes, then he kissed me once more before sneaking back off to the spare room.

The next morning, I came out of my room to find everyone sitting down for breakfast. We all made small talk, and Mark was his usual chatty self. He left a couple of hours later, and we never spoke about our night of passion again. To be honest, that’s what made it so hot. It was our little secret.”


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