The Sex Files: ‘I Had Sex With A Hunky Hotel Manager’

Memories of the best (and worst) rides of your life!

I know what people say about one night stands. They’re disappointing, unsatisfying and you usually wake up the next morning feeling embarrassed. For the most part, they’d be right. I’ve had my fair share of one night only hookups and by and large they’ve been an experience I’d rather forget. Clumsy, awkward and usually with someone I wouldn’t look twice at when sober, I’d had enough.

Well, that had always been my experience of one night stands until one fateful night in a small boutique hotel away from home. Work had organised an intimate conference for about 30 of the staff across different departments. They’d laid on dinner and a free bar and booked out a gorgeous resort for us all to stay overnight at. It was this beautiful, lush estate beside the water in a secluded area of the countryside, and it had these gorgeous chalet cottages at the water’s edge. A place of calm and solitude.

I located my chalet when we arrived, unpacked my things, got changed, and headed for dinner, partially dreading a night spent with my colleagues. But I shouldn’t have worried. While my boss rambled on in the background about KPIs and quarterly budgets, course after course of delicious food was dished up and the drink flowed.

After, we retired to the bar. It was after hours and everyone was in good form so a number of the staff joined in on the festivities and one in particular caught my eye. He was dressed in a suit and I later learned he was the hotel manager. Somehow he ended up sitting next to me on one of the sofas in the lounge and it didn’t take me long to clock that he was flirting with me.

I felt that exciting buzz of electricity you get when you realise someone you fancy fancies you back, and armed with a few too many glasses of wine I started getting a little more brazen, subtly brushing my hand over his leg and flirting probably a little too outrageously.

Fast forward to 3am and the last remaining stragglers from the conference have made their way back to their rooms and so that’s what we do too. We stumbled through the door of my chalet, kissing wildly and tearing at each other’s clothes until we found our way to the bed. I could feel how hard he was through his trousers.

Next thing, I felt him kissing all over my chest, taking my nipples in his mouth and letting his hands run all over my body, caressing my hips and moving his hands further south, teasing me skilfully. I don’t know if it was the glasses of wine, the fact that he seemed to know exactly what he was doing or just that he was so f**king hot but I felt out of control with excitement.

Right at the moment that I felt I couldn’t take anymore he lifted me off the bed and directed me to a nearby chair where he pulled me down on top of him, letting me control the motion as we rocked back and forth until I could feel myself coming hard.

The next morning, we didn’t exchange numbers. We woke up, had sex again and parted ways. It was the first time I’d been happy to just enjoy a one night stand for what it was: a wild, passionate hookup with a stranger that I didn’t have to see again.

I was tipsy enough to feel uninhabited but sober enough to know exactly what I was doing. And for the first time, I didn’t feel awkward or embarrassed, just completely satisfied.

I packed up my things, checked out of the hotel and didn’t breathe a word to my colleagues.


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