The Sex Files: ‘I Pulled A Celebrity’

Warning: NSFW content!

Every month, an anonymous STELLAR reader divulges their memories of the best (and sometimes worst) ride of their lives.

“Let me start by saying that I never thought this would happen to me. I mean, I personally know women whose mission it is to ride footballers, rugby players and reality stars, but I’m not one of those women. What a guy does or whether he’s famous or not has never mattered to me, it’s always just been about whether I click with them or not. Well, I never in a million years thought I’d click with this particular person, but click we did!

I was in Las Vegas for my friend’s hen party. We’re in our thirties and none of us have any kids even though some of the gang are married, so we thought we’d go all out. On the first night, we went to see the Magic Mike Live show and were very giddy indeed (read: horny) afterwards. We didn’t want to hit a big impersonal club, so hung out at the bar in our hotel instead. Now, it was a very nice bar and quite fancy, so we were the loudest in there by a mile; I think we were irritating some of the other customers, but we didn’t care. We had a booth and the drinks just kept on flowing.

After a while, I noticed a group of lads watching us. You could tell they were American a mile off, all well-groomed with perfect teeth. One of them came over and asked if they could join us, which is what they do over there. We were floothered, so said sure. Next thing we knew, there were five rides standing around us. I caught one guy’s eye, and immediately went on high alert. He wasn’t just any ride, but a famous American actor. Not A-list like, but pretty well-known from TV and totally gorgeous in a quirky way.

He kept smiling at me, and at one point he winked. I thought I was going to die from a combination of being mortified for him, and pure lust. From that point on, I knew something was going to happen between us, and I was drunk-con dent so I strolled over and started to chat him up.

Long story short, he ended up back in my room. I was sharing with one of the other hens, but I actually don’t even know where she was. It was utterly surreal, and when he took off his top I just kept thinking “I’ve seen that body on telly before.” He really, really wanted to go down on me, so being the lady I am, I of course let him! I think that’s his move. I was so starstruck and weirded out that I think I laughed more than moaned throughout. After a while, I threw him down on his back, climbed on top and slid up and down until I came really, really hard. I couldn’t believe my confidence, but he definitely liked it!

The next morning, I still couldn’t believe it. In the cold light of day, I thought about all the sexy models and actresses he must have been with and shuddered at the thoughts of my pale, lumpy thighs. But then the Whatsapp group put me straight – he clearly very much liked what he saw (and felt) as he’d stayed the night and was still there. We had sex again when he woke up, more quietly and slowly, and then he got dressed. He kissed me on the cheek, told me he’d had a great night and that he’d call me. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t given him my number, that’s what you say over there!

If nothing else, it’s a great story for the grandkids, but I have no regrets. I have a boyfriend now, and he thinks it’s hilarious and doesn’t mind me telling the story at dinner parties – which might mean he’s the perfect man!”


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