The VMA Cameras Missed One Very Important Moment Of That Failed Drake-Rihanna Kiss

There was one thing the audiences at home didn't see.

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As well as Rihanna’s four (FOUR!) EPIC performances at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, her fans were talking about one other thing: Drake’s oh-so-awkward attempt to kiss her on stage.

After presenting his long-time collaborator and friend with the MTV Video Vanguard Award last night and describing her as “someone I’ve been in love with since I was 22 years old,” Drake attempted to give RiRi a kiss on the lips, which she quickly appeared to convert into a hug.


The pair have never officially dated, but have heaps of history in that department: most recently they got down ‘n’ dirty in Rihanna’s video for Work, and back in June Drake called her the “most beautiful talented woman I’ve ever seen” while performing at her concert in Barbados.

However before you go feeling too sorry for poor friend-zoned Drake, we do have some additional news about last night’s on-stage interaction.

According to Billboard‘s reporters, the pair did share a cheeky kiss once the cameras had panned away. The moment was included in a round-up of unseen moments published by the entertainment site this morning.

The list also includes Kanye West showing VIP guests to their seats, Drake getting stuck in traffic en route to NYC’s Madison Square Garden, and Beyoncé literally dropping the mic and “shrugging” after her intense ten-minute re-creation of Lemonade.

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Sounds like a fun night, all told…


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