There’s A Chance That Love Island May Be Filmed In The Uk Later This Year

The show may see a complete overhaul

Little has gone unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic, and now, it looks like Love Island may be added to that growing list of ‘on hold’ things, as the show’s original air date inches closer.

According to Variety, the hit tv show could be put on hold until August-September of this year, instead of it’s usual June-July broadcast.

It’s a no brainer, but this news comes as lockdown rules continue to tighten, with there appearing to be little let-up of the virus, particularly in the UK.

What’s more than this, the show may also take place somewhere in the UK, as opposed to its usual setting of Spain, as the constant stream of travelling contestants leaving and entering the villa poses a massive threat.

Just weeks ago the Love Island team assured the public that they were determined to go ahead with this year’s series as normal, however, it seems that the producers may have been a little unrealistic in their goals, as they now admit that they are working ‘around the clock’ to find a new plan for the show.

“They’re determined not to let the virus stop the series going ahead,” a source said.

While producers are doing all they can to bring the show to us this year, ultimately the show’s fate could come down to insurance, an entertainment executive tells Variety:

“At what point can you ask people who have never met to couple up and get into bed together without having a vaccine or proof you have immunity (from coronavirus)?”

“There are going to be myriad, complex conversations going on. It’s all down to whether you get insurance. Can you insure the show, and will insurance firms say, ‘We need to see that everyone is vaccinated or immunized beforehand.’” they said.

Although nothing has been confirmed yet, we remain hopeful that we can still enjoy our fave TV show at some point this summer, however as it comes down to having the contestants and public’s safety at heart, we would understand if it couldn’t go-ahead, at least we got our fix back in January, eh?

We’ll keep you posted.




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