Thinking About Joining Veganuary? Easy Ways To Become More Veggie Focused

Do you want to make a change to your eating habits this month?


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As I’m sure you’ve seen everywhere, from TV adverts to news stories, January is the month of  “Veganuary”, where many people opt or “trial” if you will, a vegan lifestyle.

Opting to go vegan for 31 days is a lot easier and more attainable then telling yourself you’re going to change for good, as we all know. Setting shorter goals often leads to more successful outcomes and of course, if you’re loving the vegan lifestyle, after 31 days you can continue on, or even – partially continue on, by opting for a flexitarian diet – going vegan for half the week, or opting for a vegetarian (includes dairy products) or a pescatarian (includes fish and dairy) lifestyle.

Now, although January has already began, don’t feel deterred to give it a go. The whole purpose of “Veganuary” is to go vegan for 31 days and so, there’s nothing to say you can’t start now and trial it for 31 days starting from today. Veganuary, after all, is about educating and encouraging people to try veganism, opening their eyes and their palettes to a new eating pattern and showcasing just how delish a veggie lifestyle can really be.

For many veggies (like myself) Veganuary is how I started my move away from meat. Not opting to go cold turkey (excuse the pun) and banish meat from my life forever, I made a pledge to go vegan for the month of January and following that, I’m now pescatarian for the past three years. This month marks my anniversary actually, happy days.


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Although I still eat fish, cheese and eggs, Veganuary opened my eyes to just how sustainable and delicious a vegan diet can be. Not only have restaurants and shops made veganism more visible and accessible, but the food is wholesome, delicious and solely plant powered; which is most important.

According to Veganuary stats, more than 1200 vegan products and menus were launched internationally for this month, just going to show the power of pledges and making a plant-based diet more accessible and recognised to everyone.


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Thinking of making the change? Here are some tips to note! 

  • Get yourself a vegan cookbook – although it’s great to think of recipes yourself, trust me when I say that as a vegan newb, your dishes won’t be as tasty as those with expert knowledge. You want to fall in love with a vegan diet, so take the lead from the best in the biz.
  • Try a variety of dairy alternatives before you settle on one – this is also important. I thought I despised nut milk at first. I didn’t like almond (still don’t), thought hazelnut was *surprise* too nutty, and it took a few tests until I found my love, oat milk. Similarly so with yogurt and cheese, it takes a while to find your match, so don’t give up if the first one isn’t to your liking. Remember it’s the same with all products.
  • Round up a partner, friend or housemate to take the challenge with you. As you know, we’re stronger in teams and so, motivate someone you know to take the pledge with you, this way you can cook together, think of ideas together and most importantly, keep an eye on each other’s progress.
  • Make and freeze snacks – a lot of people end up falling off the Veganuary bandwagon because they get hungry, need a snack and don’t know anything tasty and vegan off the top of their heads. By freezing treats and having bits readily available, you’ll be less tempted to go back to old ways simply out of laziness. Trust me, I know too well.
  • Change it up – with the help of a cookbook you’ll be able to venture for a whole variety of different dishes, but don’t forget to keep changing it up. It’s important to eat different foods to give your body a full range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Aside from that you’re good to go and bonne chance.