This Is Not A Drill: Introducing Ferrerorocella, A Ferraro Rocher Spread

Ferraro Rocher lovers, listen up.

For a Monday in 2020, this day is jam-packed with good news. Firstly, we’re still reeling from the return of The Den, today marks the return of STELLAR’s very own podcast, The Glow Up. And now? Well now, we bring you Ferrerorocella. A Nutella like Ferraro Rocher spread. Yep, you heard that right.

There’s only one thing better than a jar of Nutella, and that’s a jar of luscious Ferraro Rocher. Premium online marketplace, is the only place in the world where you can not only get your chocolatey fingers on a jar of this hazelnut goodness but actually get it delivered to your door!

This 220g jar of Ferrerorocella has already been restocked since it was released on Friday, due to high demand.  Well, obviously, it’s a jar of Ferraro Rocher.

So whether you fancy treating yourself, or picking it up as a little stocking filler, you can order it here, for €4.99.

In other delicious news, Maltesers are hopping on the chocolate orange bandwagon, and Percy Pig mince pies are now a thing.

Just love this for us.


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