This New Netflix Documentary Uncovers The Shocking Hidden World Of Sexual Abuse In US Gymnastics

The feature-length is being described as a 'gripping and important watch'

Netflix has just announced a new documentary that will explore the disturbing world of sexual abuse that took place in the field of US gymnastics.

It looks like the sunshine may have left us, and now with lockdown measures still in place, we’re pining for something new and entertaining to set our eyes and minds on. Luckily for us, June is shaping up to be a month full of new-ness on the streaming service Netflix, with plenty to keep us occupied until the sun decides to make its return.

Among the new line up is the feature-length documentary ‘Athlete A’ which will follow the story of investigative journalists who work on uncovering the abuse many young (hundreds, even possibly thousands of) professional gynasts endured by their physician Dr. Larry Nasar.

Following a two-year investigation, it will detail how the ‘extensive cover-up’ that took place at the time, with many brave survivors now finally given a voice to tell their story. The name of the documentary Athelte A comes from the first gymnast, Maggie Nicholas, who first reported the abuse from the physician to USAG.

Landing later this month on the 24th of June, the documentary is said to be gripping and important watch.

Images via Netflix and Unsplash. 



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