Tommy Fury Won’t Propose To Molly Mae Hague Until She Quits This One Habit

Tommy won't be popping the question to Molly Mae...right now


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While we all adore Love Island, even die-hard fans can admit that it isn’t exactly the best place to find love, with most of the couples splitting up a few months later. But it does seem like Tommy Fury and Molly Mae Hague are one of the exceptions.

They’ve been together since their villa days back in 2019, and engagement rumours have been swirling for quite a while now. But it seems fans might have to wait for Tommy to get down on one knee as the boxer revealed he isn’t popping the question until Molly Mae stops asking him to.

To be fair Tommy does actually have quite a sweet reason for this, wanting to surprise her when he asks. As he explain during a vlog for her YouTube Channel, “If I say it, it’s not going to be a surprise is it, and with Molly, she keeps on asking me 100 times a day.”

“So, she’ll never forget it. When it does come around, she’ll be like, ‘Oh, I knew it was coming’.”

But while he does want to wait for Molly Mae to have it out of her mind, he is still hoping to give her a ring soon. As he said, “I want you to forget about it – the quicker you forget about it, the quicker I can do it.”

Rumours about their engagement have been running rampant for ages now, most recently being sparked by an interview Molly Mae did after Tommy’s match against Daniel Bocianski.

There the businesswoman dropped a major hint that the pair might be taking the next step.

While speaking to reporters after the fight, Molly Mae was accidentally referred to as “Mrs Fury.” But when the journalist apologised for the error, the influencer just said, “Maybe soon… hopefully.”



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