Travis Kelce Gushes Over Taylor Swift In New Podcast Episode

He's spilling the beans!

Image via Instagram, @killatrav

Chances are you’ve heard the rumours – Tay Swift has a new boo!

The Cruel Summer singer has been spotted out and about with American football player Travis Kelce, sparking speculation that the pair are dating.

Fans were further confirmed in their suspicions when Taylor attended one of Travis’ games and was seen cheering alongside his mother, Donna Kelce.

A source told People magazine that Travis’ rented out a restaurant for them to eat at after his victory, and the pair were papped driving alone in his convertible together.


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Now, in a recording from today, Travis has addressed the rumours head on!

On their joint podcast, New Heights, Travis and his brother Jason Kelce discuss the fact that Taylor paid Arrowhead stadium a visit.

Jason leads the conversation, saying, “We’ve been avoiding this subject out of respect for your personal life. Now, we gotta talk about it.”

Travis replies: “Yeah, my personal life that’s not so personal. I did this to myself, Jason. I know this!”

He then goes on to say, “Shout out to Taylor for pulling up. That was pretty ballsy. That was pretty ballsy. I…I just thought it was awesome how everyone in the suite had nothing but great things to say about her. The friends and family.

“She looked amazing, everybody was talking about her in great light.” Wow! Sounds like Kelce is one smitten kitten.

The football star continued, “To see the slow motion chest bumps, to see the high fives with mom. To see how Chiefs kingdom was all excited that she was there, that shit was absolutely hysterical and it was definitely a game I’ll remember that’s for damn sure. And then we just slid off in the getaway car at the end.”

Well, that pretty much confirms that there’s at least something noteworthy between the two – a surprisingly quick and candid revelation for fans!

Travis didn’t want to give too much away though, and he says as much to Jason.

“It is my personal life and I want to respect both of our lives. She’s not in the media as much as I am doing this show every single week,” he shared, adding that he “sure as hell enjoyed this weekend.” He also made a point of saying that “everything moving forward” will be sports focused when it comes to what he’ll discuss.

Fair enough, Travis – you’ve given us more than we could have hoped for!