Travis Scott Is Denying He Cheated On Kylie Jenner After Fake Photos Of Him Surface

The boy is LOYAL.

People were questioning Travis Scotts fidelity after some dodgy looking photos surfaced last night.

Clearly photoshopped images of a man who appeared to be Travis Scott kissing a woman who appeared not to be Kylie Jenner made their way around the internet causing fans to wonder if the rapper was cheating on his girlfriend and mother of baby Stormi.

Travis took to the comments of an Instagram fan page to slam the rumours, saying “me and my wifey sturdy” and “only got love for my wife.”

Travis also took to Instagram Stories to deny that the photos were really him, saying, “Trolls always wanna create some fake shit to destroy real love. GOING OVER BOARD TO MAKE SHIT LOOK LIKE IS NOT IS EVIL. I hate acknowledging shit. But quit try to take joy from shit that’s good. I pray god blocks out all evil.”

All we’re really taking from this is that Travis keeps calling Kylie his wife.


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