Twitter Says It’s #NationalBoyfriendDay But Basically No-One Is On Board

'My boyfriend is named SINGLE and I love him SO much.'


Pick any date off the calendar at random and there’s likely some kind of inane made-up day the world says you should be celebrating.

There’s July 26th, International Bagel Day Day. Or how about March 9th, when the US celebrates National Crabmeat Day?

One of the most ridiculous out there has to be today, October 3, which is apparently National Boyfriend Day. Er, what? Don’t we have to suffer enough on Valentine’s?

A quick flick through Twitter shows that the hashtag has been trending globally all day. Yes, there are a few *sincere* tweets celebrating boyfriends:

But the majority of the responses have been a little more, shall we say… cutting.

There’s this perfect response:


This woman, who knows the form true love REALLY takes:


There’s this guy, who is all “I DON’T KNOW WHAT A TRACKER MORTGAGE IS.”


This lady, saying what we’re all thinking…

And this girl, telling a romantic tale we know all too well.

Happy National Boyfriend Day, y’all.