Two Celebrities Broke All The Rules At Last Night’s Oscars

And no, we're not talking about Will Smith.


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The 94th Academy Awards took place last night, and as per usual, it was a night of glitz and glamour.

Honouring the best films of the past year, and gathering in a capacity that hasn’t been seen by the awards show since pre-covid days, there was a lot to take in and it’s safe to say our senses were overwhelmed.

In attendance were the biggest stars in Hollywood, wearing spectacular outfits and up for awards for even more spectacular films.

But as always, before the awards show even began, and I mean, that came with its own fair share of drama *gulps*, the red carpet delivered some bold new looks from celebrity rule breakers.

As we all know by now, the Oscars red carpet dress code is formal, elegant, chic. No casual attire here, they request your most glamourous. But two stars in particular ripped that rulebook to pieces this year, with Timothée Chalamet giving us an Oscars first by going SHIRTLESS re: yes, no top on! While Kirsten Stewart totally continued her grunge girl aesthetic by wearing short shorts and heels down the red carpet.

Timothée’s outfit was actually designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s creative director who oversees the women’s collections. Finishing the look off with some Cartier jewels and really giving us everything.


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Kirsten Stewart opted for shorts, which has been done on the red carpet before but still a rule break and one we love to see, because it’s so her.

Wearing head-to-toe Chanel, there was no princess frock, no gown to be seen here and it was refreshing to see because it showcased how the actor was staying true to herself.


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Also in Chanel on the night was Penelope Cruz, opted for a ballgown – which in contrast, looked equally fabulous because it’s so her, but it was nice to see Chanel in such variation on the night.

More rule breaks, please?

If you want more Oscar news, here’s why Kourtney and Travis, AKA Kravis walked the carpet last night.


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