Vicky Phelan Will Be Embarking On An Irish Book Tour Later This Year

Vicky Phelan

Vicky Phelan has announced that she will be embarking on a book tour around Ireland for her new book, Overcoming.

The activist and lawyer revealed back in June that she would be writing the book about her experience of sadly being diagnosed with cervical cancer as one of the over 200 women in Ireland who were given false negatives from Cervical Checks.

Now, Eason Ireland have announced that the mother of two would be hosting a series of chats around the country when the book comes out later on this year.

The synopsis of Overcoming reads:

“When Vicky Phelan delivered an emotionally charged statement from the steps of the Four Courts in April 2018 – having refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement in the settlement of her action against the HSE – she unearthed the medical and political scandal of our time.

“Since then, Vicky has become women’s voice for justice on the issue, and her system-changing activism has made her a household name.

“An inspiring story of rare resilience and power, Overcoming is an account of how one woman can move mountains – even when she is fighting for her own life – and of finding happiness and strength in the toughest of times.”

The book is due out this September.