Vinny From Jersey Shore Has Slammed Lindsay Lohan For Refusing To Take A Picture With Him

Diva mode = activated.

Vinny from Jersey Shore feels personally victimised by Lindsay Lohan and we feel his pain.

The Jersey Shore star took to Instagram stories to vent to his followers about getting absolutely snubbed by Lindsay at the premiere party for Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club. Allegedly, Vinny tried to get a photo with Lindsay at the party and she brushed him off in the most polite way she could.

“I tried to get a picture with Lindsay because I wanted to say, ‘That’s how you get a picture with Lindsay Lohan in Mykonos, bitch,” Vinny explained. “She gave me the whole ‘one minute’ meaning like, ‘That was a no.’ It was like a soft no. Don’t fucking one minute me. Like I’ve one minuted people before I know what ‘one min’ means.”

He concluded his rant by stating, “So I didn’t get the picture with her, so that’s how you get denied for a picture by Lindsay Lohan in Mykonos, bitch.”

Sorry Vinny, but LiLo was the woman of the night and she can’t get photos with everyone. Thank you, next.


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