Watch: This Deleted Scene From The Devil Wears Prada Changes *Everything*

Miranda Priestly was nice after all...

If you’re anything like Team STELLAR, you’ll have watched The Devil Wears Prada a dozen times, each time feeling that Miranda Priestly is a bit of a bitchy boss from hell…

But this deleted scene may change your mind. Shared on Twitter by Buzzfeed’s Spencer Althouse, it shows the editor 1) feeling vulnerable, and 2) being polite to those who help her.

“I’m just seeing this deleted scene from The Devil Wears Prada for the first time,” he wrote, “And honestly it changed the whole movie for me.”

Naturally, people are freaking the eff out. One said, “Miranda is a whole different person in this clip. Completely SHOCKED ? “, another person wrote, “MIND F*CKING BLOWN.”

A third person said, “No wonder they deleted it. Undermined Miranda’s whole ice queen narrative.”

Has your opinion of Miranda changed?

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