We’re Discussing The Steamiest Netflix Show, Love Triangles And An Update On The Biebers

It's all in this week's The Skim.

Gorgeous people, it’s your favourite time of the week again, The Skim is back with another helping of delicious goss and oh, how we’ve got a good show for you this week.

Taking to the podwaves as always, it’s Denise Curtin and Rebecca Keane back with you to discuss the latest drama in Hollywood and the headlines.

As we all know, there’s no getting away from Netflix’s new raunchy hit Sex/Life, but did you know the main characters are dating IRL?

Plus, we just recently found out the whole show is loosely based off a true story and real journal… yep, it’s the story that keeps on giving.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, this is not only your PSA, but we’ve got all the deets for you on why you should watch it if you’re so inclined.

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In this week’s show we’re also talking about Adele and Skepta, the pair who have been rumoured to be dating for an AGE now are STILL fuelling rumours and we’re chatting about how much we’d love these two as an official couple – so much so we’ve given them a nickname (soon to be copyrighted!)

But of course, that’s not all, when is it ever, says you?! We’re also discussing Kendall Jenner’s side part, the return of 70s hair, Khloe Kardashian’s love triangle and the recent craic with the Biebers.

Nothing is ever plain sailing for the Biebs duo and in our latest episode we chat about the recent video that’s doing the rounds and causing great debate. Some fans believe it showcases Justin screaming at his wife Hailey while others think it has been totally blown out of proportion and it’s merely just him rapping and on a high post gig.

What do we think? Well, you’ll have to listen, won’t you?

As always, a massive thanks to everyone who has tuned in so far and helped our pod to chart in Ireland. We love you and your support so much.

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