What Is The Invisible String Theory?  

It's cute, tbf

Another day, another TikTok theory, but this one trends constantly. 

The ‘Invisible String Theory’ is based on the theory that there is an invisible string that connects you and your one true love. This string signifies that you and your partner are always attached and destined to be together, but you just don’t know it yet.  

The theory suggests that you can cross paths with certain people, maybe even go to the same coffee shop every day or attend the same parties but you aren’t meant to meet or be together until a certain time that the universe feels is right.  

So, if there’s someone out there you keep bumping into, they might just be your soulmate – think Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big except less toxic. 


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Irish TikToker Annalivia Hynds took to TikTok this week to share the story of how she and her fiancé Ruari met. The pair always seemed to be bumping into each other in the most random places over the course of two years.

When Annalivia went to uni she and her friends moved into a new house and she was shocked to find that her next-door neighbour was Ruari. The couple have been together ever since and now have two little girls and are engaged.  

Annalivia’s followers took to the comments to share how touched they were by the story. One commenter said, “definitely invisible string theory” while another commented, “I’m watching this and smiling at my phone. Was always meant to be.” 

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Annalivia and Ruari’s invisible string story is not the only one the app. If you search ‘Invisible String Theory’ on TikTok there are thousands of videos of people explaining their experience with the phenomenon with some people even being in the background of their partner’s pictures from when they were younger – before they had ever met. 

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Is there any weight to this theory at all? Well, we’re not sure, but it’s a nice idea that there’s someone out there for us all and that the universe is just keeping them for us until the time is right.   

Alexa, play Invisible String by Taylor Swift.  

Words by Abby Sammon