What Jewellery Piece You Should Buy Based On Your Star Sign

Your star sign has spoken...

Looking for a new jewellery piece to add to your collection?

Why not be inspired by your star sign!

From dramatic necklaces for fiery Scorpios, and unique ankle bracelets for independent Aquarius’, we’ve matched up your zodiac with the jewellery pieces that will suit you best.

Your star sign has spoken…


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Strong willed, dynamic Aries – you need a statement ring! Something bold and unique will mirror your adventurous personality. Think thick bands and colourful stones.

Parfois Ring with Stone €9.99


For the grounded, kind hearted Taurus, a sweet and solid necklace will represent your warm, reliable energy.

Rudies and Co Grá Love Heart Necklace €26.00


Versatile, intellectual Gemini’s – your jewellery needs an edge. A quirky, ever so slightly mismatched pair of earrings will reflect your deep and multi-faceted personality!

Thomas Sabo Earrings with Moon & Star, Silver €79.00


When it comes to personable, enthusiastic Cancers, your jewellery should signal your outgoing attitude! Try a bright, youthful earring to show off your playful side.

Betty&Biddy Enamel Hoop Blue €18.00


Popular, open minded Leo’s wear their confidence out in the open. A dazzling signet ring will match your alluring and assertive personality.

Bohomoon Luna Signet Ring €35.95


A simple, elegant bracelet is perfect for the smart and sophisticated Virgo. You want something to look as classy as you feel on the inside!

Dylan Oaks Rope Chain Bracelet in Silver €39.00


For the romantic and charming Libra, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful pair of earrings! Opt for something classic to reflect your likeable nature.

Newbridge Silverware Drop Earrings Clear Stone €25.00


If you’re a Scorpio, you’re sure to be excitable and compulsive. Reflect your powerful, passionate self with a deep toned gemstone in a dramatic necklace!

Urban Outfitters Zambah Square Gem Necklace €39.00


Positive, carefree Sagittarius – your joyous nature should be worn out in the open!  A sweet, colourful bracelet will speak to your easy-going nature.

Lynott Lola Bracelet €30.00


There’s no better way for a practical, ambitious Capricorn to emphasise their unique approach to life than with a strong, staple ring. Go for something chunky and attention demanding!

H&M Gold Coloured Ring €5.99


Independent, dreamy Aquarius – your jewellery should mirror your creative and unusual spirit. A dainty ankle bracelet seldom seen is right up your alley!

Keanes Jewellers Sterling Silver with Discs Anklet €39.00


Delicate, unusual pieces are ideal when it comes to sensitive and imaginative Pisces’. Show off your creativity with a layered necklace and spontaneous pearls or charms.

Zara Pack of Fresh Water Pearl Bead Necklaces €12.95