It Works! People Are Putting Blister Plasters On Their Spots For A Genius Reason

Bloggers are raving about it.

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If you’re prone to the odd whitehead or cystic pimple, then you’ll know just how hard it is to avoid squeezing them.

But squeezing pimples not only lengthens the healing process, but it also ups the risk of scarring and pockmarks, which will last far, far longer than any spot.

Toothpaste, Sudocrem, Germolene and even fresh garlic have all been hailed as budget-friendly skin-savers, but we’ve finally found a low-cost treatment that may just work.

Next time you’re in the pharmacy, skip the skincare section and head straight for the blister plasters.

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Why? Well, hydrocolloid gel patches from brands like Compeed or Elastoplast are specifically designed to draw the fluid out of painful blisters while also prohibiting the growth of bacteria. It stands to reason, then, that’d they’d work a dream on those deep, painful pimples too.

At €5 – €8 per box, it’s definitely a hack you can afford to try before next payday – but just make sure that the patches you’re buying contain hydrocolloid gel and are not just regular sticky plasters or corn plasters.

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Various bloggers have hailed blister patches as the ultimate skin-saving hack in the past, with the folks at xoVain suggesting cutting them up to make for easier application over small pimples.

Some sites suggest using the patch to draw oil and sebum to the surface before lancing the pimple with a sterile needle, while others recommend simply leaving the patch on for a week or so and allowing it to do its work.

At the very least you’ll need to leave the patch on overnight, but of course the longer you manage to leave it on the skin, the more help it’ll be.

This is definitely one hack we’ll be trying out.


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