Sarah Hyland Suggests Working Out Naked In The Mirror So ‘You Hate Yourself And Work Harder’

This can't be good for the old self-esteem.


Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has revealed a technique that motivates her while exercising.

The actress told her followers that she likes working out right in front of the mirror..naked.

The 27-year-old took to her Instagram stories to ask her followers if they did the same.

So I have a break from filming right now before some other things, and does anybody else like working out naked in front of mirrors so you hate yourself and work harder?

She continued:

Seriously. I suggest you all do it, because you’re in front of the mirror and you’re like, ‘Must have Dua Lipa abs!’

Instagram @sarahhyland

Although we don’t necessarily think “hating” yourself is the healthiest form of motivation, Sarah presses that her aim is to be healthy and “strong” rather than “skinny”.

The actress has expressed her frustration at “skinny shaming” previously, having come under scrutiny for being “too thin”.

Having been in and out of hospital most of her life while battling kidney dysplasia, Sarah has expressed getting back to the gym is one of the things that makes her happiest and hates being told she can’t work out. Speaking about her weight back in May, she said

It’s never fun to look in the mirror and see your hard work at the gym fade away or have your legs be the size of one’s arms.

But I know that when I get clearance I will be able to get back to the STRONG, lean, and fabulous self I know I can be.

Would you consider giving naked gymming a try?