How To Use Social Media To Land Your Dream Job

We spoke to a careers consultant to get three key pointers on how to make your social presence work for you when you're job hunting.


Tweeting on your lunch break, checking Facebook before bed and posting snaps to your Tumblr on the reg? Chances are you already use your social media accounts for stacks of stuff, but what if you could super-charge your online profiles and net your dream position too?

We spoke to Orla Donagher, careers consultant at The Interview Tutor, to find out how.

You’ll need:

  • A very clear idea of the job you are looking for.
  • An understanding of who your target market is.
  • An awareness of your key selling points.

1. Be searchable

“The first step is to create a LinkedIn profile that summarises your most relevant skills and experience,” recommends Orla. Pro tip? “When creating your profile don’t underestimate how effective key words can be. In particular, make sure your sub-header is an accurate description of what you do so it’s easier for recruiters and employers to find you in their candidate searches.”

Contribute to work related online discussions or Twitter chats. You’ll establish credibility by tweeting or commenting about interesting topics.

2. Target your audience

“Who are you trying to get the attention of,” asks Orla. Once you’ve figured it out it’s time to target them. “Join industry groups on Facebook to keep up to date with networking events and possible job vacancies,” she recommends. “You can also contribute to work related online discussions or Twitter chats. You’ll establish credibility by tweeting or commenting about interesting topics, which can be a very effective but subtle way of getting the attention of potential employers.” Duly noted.

Cheat Sheet

  • Looking for a creative job? Use sites like Pinterest and Tumblr to showcase your work.
  • Beware the over share. Always think twice before you tweet or comment.
  • You’re only a Google search away. Keep your profile professional, or make it private.

3. Play it cool

“Don’t fall into the trap of asking everyone outright for a job. It can look a bit desperate and can put employers off,” explains Orla. “Your tactic should be a more passive approach. Think show, not tell. That means updating your profiles with information about recent projects you worked on and demonstrating how good you are.” The result? “Recruiters will come looking for you, which is a much better position to be in.”

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