Can You Guess Why Pink Crocs Have Had A 3,233% Spike In Demand This Week?

We're very unsure how to feel about this


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In news that we never expected to bring, yet here we are, pink Crocs have seen a 3,233% spike in demand this week, and here’s why.

The rise in searches and sales, The Sole Supplier has revealed, is all down to one celebrity who shared an Instagram snap of her rocking a pair. It was of course none other than Nicki Minaj.

Making her return to the app Instagram after a number of month’s hiatus, Nicki shared a very sultry picture of herself wearing little more than a bedazzled pair of bright prink Crocs.

The broaches on her Crocs? Oh, they’re Chanel of course. She also captioned the snap: “F R I D A Y” making fans freak out not only over the Chanel Crocs which probably cost more than our house, but at the idea that she may just be dropping some new music this week too.

Google Trends Data was used to calculate the increase in demand for the ‘ugly shoe’, meaning we can probably expect to see a lot more pink Crocs cropping up over the next while.

The shoe that we never thought we’d see again has been making a serious comeback this year. Just last month Victoria Beckham lost it over a pair of purple Crocs Justin Bieber sent her, causing, yep you’ve guessed it, a huge increase in demand for ‘lilac Crocs’ a 650% increase, to be exact.

How do you feel about the trend, are you a Croc fan?

Oh, and if you answered yes to the above, you know you can buy Crocs for your pets too now? No, really.