I Put Kylie’s Lip Kits To The Test: Here’s What They Look Like On A Normal Girl

STELLAR's Ciara finally got to try out Kylie's kits. This is how she faired.

Ciara Gaughan

After three failed attempts to secure the must-have beauty product of 2016 I finally got my hands on the Kylie Lip Kit. I ordered the two colours that I thought would suit me best, judging it by swatches I’d watched on YouTube. After much deliberating I chose a pinky nude called Koko K and a vampy red named Mary Jo K.

They took two weeks to arrive from America to Dublin and they cost me €65, plus delivery. To put that into perspective, you’d pay the same price for two high end lip liners and liquid lipsticks. I was just hoping they would live up to my expectations.

First one up is Koko K. This pinky nude is named after Khloe and since she’s my fave Kardashian I would be lying if I said she didn’t influence me in getting this shade.


I outlined my lips first using Koko K lip liner. It’s so easy to use and very creamy. I love the colour of this on it’s own with some lip balm too. On top of that I applied a thin layer of Koko K liquid lipstick. You get A LOT of product on the dofa applicator so it’s best to wriggle some off in the tube just before you pull it out or else you end up putting way too much on. I find it’s better to wear a thin layer as if it’s thick it will crack.

Here it is freshly applied below. Like all liquid lipsticks you can feel it on your lips. I don’t find them drying like others though, so that’s something.


This is Koko K an hour later below. As you an see it has some lines in it which I didn’t really notice until I took this picture. I don’t think it’s that obvious unless you’re close up. I didn’t apply any to my inner lip because that’s where I get product on my teeth. It’s super noticeable if you have a resting face unfortunately so no duck pouts for me.


Next up is Mary Jo K. I wanted this one because it seems to have a blue undertone which is great for pale ladies like myself. It’s very similar to Mac’s Ruby Woo, another Irish favourite. This shade is named after Kylie’s granny which is cute AF.


I applied this the same way as Koko K. Here’s what is looks like freshly applied. It was a little bit harder to apply as it’s such a bold colour so a light hand is needed.


This one actually lasted better than KoKo K. Because it’s a dark colour you can’t tell if it is cracked or not. It also makes my teeth look whiter. Or maybe that’s just me.


As a self confessed beauty junkie I’m delighted I got these bad boys. I’m honestly surprised by how good they are. With all the drama with Jeffree Star slatting the packaging and the F the proudct got from BBB I was a bit worried that I’d splashed out on crap. The lip liners are honestly brilliant. The liquid lipsticks are quite standard.

Would I recommend my friends to get them? If you really wanted one then go for it. It does take a while to come in the post and there are some super dupes out there for the same price or below.